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The following articles constitute a four-part series titled Every Lawyer's Survival Guide to U. S. Immigration Law written by Stephen M. Brent and published in the Upstate New York legal newspaper The Rochester Daily Record.


1.  The brave new world of employer sanctions 03/30/2007

2.  How to cope in the world of new employer sanctions 03/12/07

3.  Marrying an immigrant: Is it happily after? 03/19/07

4.  Every Lawyer's Survival Guide to U.S. Immigration Law in 2007

5.  USCIS proposes rule change 01/10/12

6.  Immigration workforce compliance 02/07/12

7.  7. Illegal Children Can't Rely on Parent's Status 05/22/12

8.  Court to rule on Arizona immigration law 6/22/12

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